"Laura’s writing is so beautiful and visually descriptive that the reader will lose themselves in this book, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality."

- Lisa, Beta extraordinaire

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chapter 24

Hey all. Welcome to the countdown to the first book in the Timeless Series: Shadow of the Sun. So far, I have written up to 23 chapters, and am currently working on number 24. I am hoping that this book will be finished this month. As a way to get the word out there, I will be posting something everyday to tease my fans.

Please check back here every day to get tid-bits on this new, explosive book! For my fans today, I would like to post a book review that my Beta reader has been kind enough to write for my investors.


To place Shadow of the Sun in any one genre would be impossible. In reality, this book encompasses the world of fantasy, mystery, romance and suspense. This fast paced and captivating novel will grab the readers from the first page and keep them guessing, oohing and aahing, gasping, and laughing the entire book. Shadow of the Sun will appeal to not just young readers, but adults, too.

Gabriella’s past is a mystery, but that never stopped her from achieving her goals. As a supernatural specialist, and far more intelligent than anyone her age, she has always been shunted by her peers. Because of the isolation she has always felt, she put her life and soul in her job. But being a supernatural specialist hasn’t given her the divine intervention she always longed for …until one day a shipment arrives from Italy containing three dead bodies with an uncanny ability to regenerate. Gabriella is frightened and intrigued, but not as scared as she becomes when a dark creature attacks her. As the bodies come back to life, the plot takes such an unexpected twist that no reader will see it coming. The supernatural world only begins to unfold before her as angels appear to her, her dreams start to haunt her, and the very past she has forgotten comes back with startling clarity. Romance blooms, planes crash, escape plans are made, an assassin is out to kill her and death is only around the corner. But what is more terrifying than all of it is the fact she is the chosen one, the illuminator, the one who will save them all.

Laura’s writing is so beautiful and visually descriptive that the reader will lose themselves in this book, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. The characters in Shadow of the Sun are developed brilliantly and realistically. It’s so easy to forget that they aren’t real. Not only do you feel like you’ve known them your whole life, but they practically leap out of the book and join you.

The story told in Shadow of the Sun is completely original; there is no other book that will compare to it. It weaves a complex and exciting story line that is completely unpredictable. Every guess that you make will be wrong. The surprising and mind-blowing conclusion will have readers begging for more.

Shadow of the Sun is geared towards young adults, but I wouldn’t be surprised if parents started sneaking into their child’s bedroom to borrow this book. This phenomenal book will never age and in essence is timeless.

-Lisa Langdale

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  1. I can not wait to see this book in print! It's going to blow people away!
    Smiley face Hugs,