"Laura’s writing is so beautiful and visually descriptive that the reader will lose themselves in this book, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality."

- Lisa, Beta extraordinaire

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sent to Publisher!

Good news! Shadow of the Sun was sent to the publisher on the 21st of December. Everything has now been set in motion and I am hoping to have a publication date of early January!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Laura Kreitzer

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Counting down the days...

Hey all!!

Sorry there have been no quotes or passages lately--seems I'm running low on things that won't give too much away.

Final edits are being performed on my manuscript and then I will be sending it to the publisher. I am excited and nervous and anxious all at once, to finally have my book in my hands, binded. I've come into some money lately and it looks I even have a marketing plan! Yay for that!

Hope you guys stick it out just a little bit longer and I'll try to find some good stuff to post until then.


Sunday, December 6, 2009


Quote of the day:

Chapter 19: The Sight

“Honey?” I mumbled, our lips still firmly placed together.
“Yes, love?”
“We have to go to the library tonight.”
He groaned in my mouth. “That place is so dusty and smelly. Completely unromantic.”
“I think we could find something romantic to do in there,” I purred.

('Honey' is not the original text - it's best if you don't know the real name.)

Passage of the day:

Chapter 24: Fatality

The sun was against her back, making a perfect halo of light around her stunning features. Tears streamed down my face, a mix between bliss, terror and the pain from the throbbing ache at my side. And though we were all in danger, I felt comforted.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Molten River

Quote of the day:

Chapter 14: Questions

He grabbed a fry and held it up, staring with a flicker of curiosity on his face. “What is this?”
“Fried potato.”
He looked as though the idea was ludicrous but he didn’t hesitate before he stuffed the whole thing in his mouth. He chewed a few times before looking at me, his eyes wide. “It’s amazing!” he exclaimed and then he grabbed three more.

Passage of the day:

Chapter 12: Journey

The women turned to face me, their white eyes macabre. I stepped back and fell to the ground, tripping over something. My hands slipped on a wet substance, and when I looked down I saw golden blood leaking from the body I had fallen over. It was like a molten river.

Friday, December 4, 2009


Quote of the day:

Chapter 11: Run

“Can I fly now?” he asked. His expression was a mixture of excitement and terror. I didn’t blame him – it was a lot to take in.
I pointed toward the sky. There was a helicopter flying overhead. “Probably not a good idea.”
He watched the chopper as it disappeared over the trees. “Is that some kind of bird?”

Passage of the day:

Chapter 13: Library

Our footsteps echoed in the silence. There was a far-off hoot of an owl. That wasn’t creepy, I thought sardonically. Shadowy figures seemed to loom in and out of view as we continued down the sidewalk, though Andrew seemed oblivious. Maybe it was all in my head. Despite the strange feeling I had about the night, for some reason I really couldn’t feel completely afraid with Andrew by my side. He radiated some indefinable sense of power that immediately made me feel safe, guarded.
Still, it was hard to suppress the suspicion.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Quote of the day:

Chapter 10: Crash

“How did she get these powers?” Karen asked.
Lucia stared at her like she was from another planet, which perhaps she was. “The Halo of the Sun have always given those who are worthy their powers,” she said matter-of-factly.

Passage of the day:

Chapter 11: Run

I handed him the bag. “Put these on.”
He took the bag from me and examined the material of it.
“Plastic,” I said. “It was invented when you were …”
He nodded, pulled the clothes from the bag, and began stripping out of his. I turned my back to him; sure my face was flushing a brilliant shade of magenta.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Quote & passage of the day:

Chapter 9: Heights

“Since I’m on this trip, are you going to tell me what’s going on? Something major must be brewing for the FBI to be swarming the place like they were. But that one FBI agent … Joseph? Meow!” She clawed at the air.
“Ladies,” Joseph laughed.
Sally’s expression turned from feisty kitty to out-right mortification. She didn’t look over her shoulder to where Joseph – tall and handsome – stood. Instead, she closed her eyes, bowed her head. I watched as her neck fluoresced red.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


New Excerpt added today!




Quote of the day:

Chapter 8: Secrets

“Maybe you’ll find some hot guy in Washington. Aren’t you working with the FBI?”
I nodded.
“Well, I bet there has to be some hunks around!” she winked at me. “Isn’t being tall, dark, handsome, and sexy a prerequisite for joining the FBI?”

Passage of the day:

Prologue/Chapter 29: Revenge

It was then that I looked down at the mound of dirt that would soon be covering this benevolent creature. In that moment, it felt like something was breaking away from my heart. It fluttered away, and the hole it left would forever be there. A reminder.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Quote of the day:

Chapter 21: Liberation

“A hostage?” Joseph asked, eyebrows raised. The look on his face was merely amused. “This will be fun.”

Passage of the day:

Chapter 12: Journey

They were obviously arguing, each of them transmitting the intensity of their power and skill, I could tell just by the set of their faces. Light flashed between them and magical shields flew up as they both deflected the energy. Another woman, luminous and authoritative, joined the other. Now it was two against one. More light flashed between the group, yet I was unable to see the outcome.
My focus was fading.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Finishing Touches

Well folks, it looks as though things are going as planned. I finished chapter 27 last night and now I only have two more chapters to write (Chapter 30 & Epilogue are already written). I will probably exceed my goal of 100,000 words for this book. I am just so happy to be coming to the end so I can send the rest of my book to the editor and get this sucker published!! -does a little happy dance-

Thank you, to all of my fans, who have supported me in this endeavor. Though I have written this faster than my friends and family had expected me to, I can promise that I will not fail you when it comes to this story. It will be fast-paced, action packed and full of romance and mystery!

Keep looking back here for more quotes and passages of the day!!




Quote of the day:

Chapter 24: Divine Library

“As three among you perish to the earth – bound by shadow and fire – do not be fooled by the warnings given to incite terror and mayhem. Those three who fought against the growing power will be laid to rest until the time comes – the time of light."

Passage of the day:

Chapter 16: Underground

We had an undeniable connection. I mentally sighed. It was in that moment that I realized how attached I had grown to him. Stupid hopeless longing; I was already doomed to heartache. An old commercial ad about your brain on drugs flashed through my head. This is your brain on Andrew."

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Quote & passage of the day:

Chapter 17: Scheming

“Um … Anyone recently watched any James Bond movies or Mission Impossible? Could give us some insight,” I joked nervously.
Joseph sighed, though his smile was blinding. “That wasn’t exactly what I had in mind—”
“Yeah, you all thought that because I am super intelligent I’d have all the answers. Right? Well, I didn’t graduate with a degree on escape or take Getting out of a Secret Government Facility Alive 101. Maybe if I had detailed plans of the building, more information to go on … but I’ve only been here for a few minutes.”

Friday, November 27, 2009


Quote of the day:

Chapter 3: Celestial Being

The agent continued, not noticing my mind working a million miles an hour. “I’d like to request you join us at our P.I. Laboratory, to continue your research on this project.”
That was a surprise. It was like he read my mind. “P.I. Lab?”
“Paranormal Investigations,” he answered with a slight twitch of his lips. He obviously thought something was funny about this. Maybe he didn’t believe in the supernatural.

Passage of the day:

Chapter 22: Ladies of Darkness

Aiden was on fire, his skin blazing with his viciousness. He was fighting against the two white-eyed women at the same time, his palms shooting fire. Human flame-thrower, I thought dazedly. But I knew better – he wasn’t human at all.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Quote of the day:

Chapter 14: Questions

“Their warnings are never clear,” he barely whispered. “Usually they only cause harm. Angels are not afraid of the dark, but we are creatures of light. We enjoy the sun. To be a Shadow is a curse.”

Passage of the day:

Chapter 20: The Clock is Ticking

They were all gaping at me. Joseph’s mouth was ajar while Andrew’s eyes burned into mine, the color of melted treasure. His expression was one I couldn’t place. Astonishment? Shock? Disbelief? Ehno and Lucia had their faces practically plastered to the glass walls, their expressions just as unreadable. The emergency lights barely lit the lab and the flashing yellow lights made the whole scene look surreal – dream like. But this was reality.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


A new excerpt has been added above. Enjoy!


Quote of the day:

Chapter 13: Library

“Aerospace engineering is a fascinating subject.”
“Werewolves,” I countered, “are equally intriguing.”
“But completely fiction,” he pointed out.
“I’m not sure. I haven’t had the opportunity to disprove that yet.” I grinned at him.
“Or to prove it.”

Passage of the day:

Chapter 2: Darkness

Staring through the haze of pain from my head, I could see that the lamplight in my office was barely penetrating through a black force that surrounded me; the only color in my view seemed to be a deep-red mixture of blood. Whatever it was, the blackness – like a shadowy mist – began gradually wrapping snugly around my body, warping and evolving as if it were a ghost. I tried to scream, but the shadow smothered my voice. My heart beat out a jagged rhythm as the blood pumping through my veins burned like liquid fire.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Quote of the day:

Chapter 10: Crash

The angel who rescued me knelt before me. His golden eyes searched mine for a second. “I am Andrew,” he stated. Then he said over my head, “This one is special.”
“Yes,” agreed Karen and also dropped down next to me. “Gabriella is the illuminator.”

Passage of the day:

Chapter 23: Fatality

Chaos erupted – just like a volcano bursting at the seams with hot molten lava. Though the sun had set, the area was alight with fire. The Shadows attacked and soon the circle around me was penetrated. There were too many.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Quote of the day:

Chapter 19: The Sight

“Tell me about your psychic ability.”
He raised a perfectly arched eyebrow at me. “I wouldn’t call myself psychic.”
“Oh,” I said intelligently. “What would you call it, then?”
“I’m intuitive.”

Passage of the day:

Chapter 21: Liberation

There were no questions asked, no one yelling at me not to open the door, I just placed my palm right on the scanner and slid my key across. There was a large boom underneath our feet and the floor shuddered, making my whole body vibrate. That wasn’t good. The sound of metal being ripped apart could be heard down the hall. Andrew yanked the door handle while grabbing my waist. I didn’t know if there were guards waiting outside or if there were unicorns prancing around – all I saw were pink clouds as Andrew yanked me into his arms and shot like a bottle rocket into the sky.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Quote of the day:

Chapter 6: Summons

“Blood does not hold the key to light and dark. Only our souls hold that power, as the Darkness Illuminator will prove.”

Passage of the day:

Chapter 19: Prophecy

His skin was dark and his appearance was one we were told to fear – but I did not. Our lips met and the heat seemed to intensify until we were both out of breath. Still, our lips continued to mold together out of fiery passion. He was my love – he was my life.
He was forbidden.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Quote of the day:

Chapter 9. Heights

“I’ve heard a lot about you,” he said out of nowhere. His deep eyes looked sideways at me.
“Oh yeah? And what’s that?”
“You’re a skeptic. That your job is to find the supernatural.” He cocked his head to see my expression. “I heard it is almost impossible to fool you.”

Here is a passage of Shadow of the Sun:

Chapter 15: Dreams

"Flowing auburn hair glittered against the sun like molten copper. A knife tucked securely into a holster around a leg. Glacial blue eyes turned toward me over a perfect shoulder, staring, cautioning me. Her body was that of a goddess. Tattoos covered every last inch of her skin which were intricately woven in a pattern that seemed to never have a beginning or an end. Her face was that of an angel. She turned away from me, her short white dress billowing in the wind. It was so thin, silk-like, that you could see through it. Her tattoos went beyond her arms and legs, but continued snaking up her back to circle around to form two arrows crossed together."

Chapter Names Released

Hey wonderful fans! As the book rounds the last bend of its journey, I am releasing the chapter names. Hopefully this will pique your curiosity a bit.

1. Top Secret
2. Darkness
3. Celestial Being
4. Necklace
5. Guardian
6. Summons
7. Elders
8. Secrets
9. Heights
10. Crash
11. Run
12. Journey
13. Library
14. Questions
15. Dreams
16. Underground
17. Scheming
18. The Sight
19. Prophecy
20. The Clock is Ticking
21. Liberation
22. Ladies of Darkness
23. Fatality
24. Divine Library
25. Ancient Battle
26. Timeless
27. Power
28. Be at Peace
29. Revenge
30. Death is Only the Beginning

Well - I hope you are reading this going, "What the hell does she have in store for us?" The answer to that is - a lot of action, romance and supernatural fun!


Thursday, November 19, 2009


Quote of the day:

Chapter 6: Summons

“Karen, what do the Elders do?”
“They are protectors of knowledge."

Passage of the day:

Chapter 24: Fatality

Karen’s story of how they became immortals flashed through my mind. “We were called Senza Tempo. Translated, it means timeless.” No matter what their ancient name might be, it was today that I found out immortality doesn’t always mean forever.

Death Scene

Last night I just finished writing my first ever death scene. From what my Beta reader tells me, she cried during the two chapters - twice. Let's just hope my writing translates what Gabriella is feeling in a way that my audience will relate to the characters pain.

On to another topic ... I'd like to add more excerpts for my followers to read, but I want to do it in a way that it won't give away any of the secrets of my book ... so, I'd like to invite you all to ask me questions about my book, and I will answer them, if I can. Then - according to your questions - I will try to find some excerpts I can add pertaining to those questions!

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Chapter one is located to your right. Enjoy!



Guardian Angel

Quote of the day:

“Well, I’ve been sworn to protect you. So, I’m your guardian angel, of course.”

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


On your right you will see a link to chapter one. If you enjoyed it, let me know and tell your friends, also.

Quote of the day:

Chapter 5: Guardian

“No. And no one, no human or angel, has ever been able to break the bindings of the Shadow of the Sun. Yet you….”
"Did?" I offered.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chapter 24

Hey all. Welcome to the countdown to the first book in the Timeless Series: Shadow of the Sun. So far, I have written up to 23 chapters, and am currently working on number 24. I am hoping that this book will be finished this month. As a way to get the word out there, I will be posting something everyday to tease my fans.

Please check back here every day to get tid-bits on this new, explosive book! For my fans today, I would like to post a book review that my Beta reader has been kind enough to write for my investors.


To place Shadow of the Sun in any one genre would be impossible. In reality, this book encompasses the world of fantasy, mystery, romance and suspense. This fast paced and captivating novel will grab the readers from the first page and keep them guessing, oohing and aahing, gasping, and laughing the entire book. Shadow of the Sun will appeal to not just young readers, but adults, too.

Gabriella’s past is a mystery, but that never stopped her from achieving her goals. As a supernatural specialist, and far more intelligent than anyone her age, she has always been shunted by her peers. Because of the isolation she has always felt, she put her life and soul in her job. But being a supernatural specialist hasn’t given her the divine intervention she always longed for …until one day a shipment arrives from Italy containing three dead bodies with an uncanny ability to regenerate. Gabriella is frightened and intrigued, but not as scared as she becomes when a dark creature attacks her. As the bodies come back to life, the plot takes such an unexpected twist that no reader will see it coming. The supernatural world only begins to unfold before her as angels appear to her, her dreams start to haunt her, and the very past she has forgotten comes back with startling clarity. Romance blooms, planes crash, escape plans are made, an assassin is out to kill her and death is only around the corner. But what is more terrifying than all of it is the fact she is the chosen one, the illuminator, the one who will save them all.

Laura’s writing is so beautiful and visually descriptive that the reader will lose themselves in this book, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. The characters in Shadow of the Sun are developed brilliantly and realistically. It’s so easy to forget that they aren’t real. Not only do you feel like you’ve known them your whole life, but they practically leap out of the book and join you.

The story told in Shadow of the Sun is completely original; there is no other book that will compare to it. It weaves a complex and exciting story line that is completely unpredictable. Every guess that you make will be wrong. The surprising and mind-blowing conclusion will have readers begging for more.

Shadow of the Sun is geared towards young adults, but I wouldn’t be surprised if parents started sneaking into their child’s bedroom to borrow this book. This phenomenal book will never age and in essence is timeless.

-Lisa Langdale

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