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- Lisa, Beta extraordinaire

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lets Try This Again!

Which do you like the best for a possible back-cover quote?

Old fashioned way.

In the comments, just give me the number. Here goes:

1.With great gentleness, he secured my face in his palms. I stopped breathing then. My heart thumped against my chest. He hesitated, but I continued to gaze into his sapphire eyes. He wiped the wetness away from my cheeks and then moved in closer to me. So many emotions raged through me at once: desire, passion, and ecstasy. He was only an inch away from my face. I closed my eyes and felt the electricity flowing between us. Every second that passed, a new emotion would flit through my body, sending shivers of pleasure through my veins. I trembled under his touch.

2.“They turn those full of light into Shadows.”
“What do they want?”
“Their warnings are never clear . . . Maybe this is why you are here, now. Why I was sent to you.”

3. He closed his eyes and put his forehead against mine.
“I can’t figure it out,” his hot breath filled the air between us.
His eyes opened. “This . . . connection we have.”

4.I needed it—the tears, the release—so I could get past this, make a special place for her in my heart and seal it for eternity, because that was what I had now; eternity, forever . . . a timeless immortality.

5.Her eyes were blue, like the ocean, but they burned into mine like fire. “Yes.” Her fingers roamed over a symbol on the chest. It was the exact same symbol I had seen downstairs on the necklaces; the circle with a shield in the middle. The aged wood, a rich brown color, was worn on the edges. “Shadow of the Sun,” she whispered.
“The what?”
“Not what—who.”

6.“No one, human or angel, has ever been able to break the bindings of the Shadow of the Sun. Yet you . . .”
“Did?” I offered.

7. No one knew why she acted the way she did, but it wasn’t long before she was nicknamed “Soul Stalker” because she was believed to be devoid of a soul—constantly stalking those who possessed the one thing that she couldn’t.

8. Something landed on top of the car as if it had fallen from the heavens above, the velocity too fast—the collision too violent. I stood, looking over the top of the car. How ironic, it was Andrew—the angel—his body perfectly dented into the black metal, his teeth gritted in anger, as if he wasn’t hurt at all. The woman on the other side of the car narrowed her eyes at me. Andrew hadn’t noticed that I was no longer hid¬den behind the safety of the pile of metal. Instead, I glared at the woman in white—the one that haunted my dreams—more like nightmares. This was the same one who advocated murdering an angel, the same one who tried, and the same one who failed—the one who would fail again.

9. As the wind whipped behind me in our wake—the Shadows only yards behind us—the only thing I seemed to be able to think about was my heart, and how it had shattered into little pieces. The saying “life isn’t fair” was more accurate than I would have ever imagined. I could feel the rush of anger leaving me.

10. As three among you perish to the Earth—bound by shadow and fire—do not be fooled by the warnings given to incite terror and mayhem. Those three who fought against the growing power will be laid to rest until the time comes—the time of light.

Beware of encroaching danger, as the Illuminator will be surrounded, but she is not thy enemy. As the dark ones approach, the Illuminator should be set free, uninhibited by all Guardians. She will show us all who the enemies are and how to defeat them.
When the time comes to battle, our Illuminator will come to save us all.

Worlds change, lives transi¬tion, and everything will be turned upside down. War¬riors are found—the fog lifted. The Halo of the Sun will keep her safe and the time of the Illuminator will come. She will rule us all.

11. I dashed across the room and almost pulled the door off its hinges with my urgency. There was no one there. For a whole second I thought I would collapse from the emptiness—inside myself and outside the room.
“Andrew?” I called out, panicked.
“I’m right here.” He moved from underneath a shadow. His voice was the most angelic, most wel-coming sound I’d ever heard in my entire life. I leaned against the door frame, wilted.
He moved closer to me and his finger traced under my eye. “It’s time you slept.”
I nodded in agreement and he led me back inside the room. There was a soft click of the door as it shut and in that second I felt some relief at being able to hide from the world outside—at least for tonight.

12. My world had crumbled all around me in the last forty-eight hours and now all I could do was try to pick up the pieces. But not tonight, not while each second brought on another round of earth-shattering thoughts and images. I was nearly at the end of my emotional rope. And I didn’t know how I could have made it without Andrew there, holding me.

13. Putting my hand to my temple, I sat up to see Shadows scattered across the ground under the pool of the dim moonlight, their skin black as charcoal. When I stared at the biggest one, it looked as though a flame started up inside him and burned through his eyes. The frightening stories of Shadows slammed into my mind. There had been rumors . . . but I never believed it. The Shadow looked at me as if we knew each other before he raised his upper lip to expose his teeth. A growl escaped from deep in his chest. I backed away in terror, my world aligning in an unfamiliar pattern.


  1. If you want one that's short...use 2. If you want one that's long, use 13. They are the only really compelling and intriguing ones that don't give too much away, in my opinion!!

  2. I want two quotes on the back cover.
    #1 (I'm da bomb, right???)
    #13 (gotta get some suspense in there!)

  3. I like 2, 3 and 13. Depends on the length you need them to be??

  4. I say # 2...says enough to grav you!

  5. well that should say...."grab you"....LOL

  6. OH, I like Bonnie's choices!
    I'm voting again:
    #1 and #13

  7. Hahahah!! Well, Bonnie is a smart cookie; we are related after all.

  8. I like 3. And 6.
    Can't wait to own it in physical form!

  9. Since you posted again, I'll vote again!

  10. I'm a first timer and wow I'm entranced and in love with your book already. I've read ALOT and one of the main things that always convinces me to buy a book is that back cover. If you want a quote that's going to entrance your audience but also not give anything away plus leave some room below for a simple plot summary then I would choose #2

  11. *Rolls eyes at Lisa.*

    Thanks Susie. :)

  12. I love #2 and #6.. Love the suspense makes me want to know more about the Shadows

  13. # 5 OR the first part of #10

  14. i choose #4

    this is cesya btw

  15. #12 stuck out at me the most. You should definitely go with that one =)

  16. i know its already chosen, Im alittle late on this vote. (Good choice though) Aparently Im the only one that liked #7?? I liked the whole devoid of a soul thingy. hehe