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Friday, June 4, 2010

Press Release

A press release for Shadow of the Sun was distributed to 273 media outlets last week. Sales on B&N.com rose in the past week, and I’m hoping to have book two out in early July. The book cover for Soul Stalker is in the works by my graphic designer, and I am only lacking 13,000 words to finish my manuscript. See my press release below:


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Angels and Shadows: A Prophecy of Light

Debut Author Reveals Ancient Supernatural Struggle between Light and Darkness in New Fantasy Novel

LEWISBURG, KY – In her thrilling new fantasy novel Shadow of the Sun: Timeless Series, Book One (published by iUniverse), debut author Laura Kreitzer follows the Illuminator, Dr. Gabriella Moretti, in an action-packed adventure that explores the spiritual dimension of reality as angels and shadows soon make themselves apparent, each group struggling for their own survival.

With amnesia of her early childhood, Gabriella throws herself into her present. Intelligent, antisocial, quiet Gabriella is a supernatural specialist who works at Zelko Corporation. Within the glass walls of the lab, Gabriella attempts to uncover the truth about legends and myths by unearthing answers to the bizarre and abnormal. Zelko Corp’s investors have yet to throw her a curve ball she can’t handle until three bodies from Italy arrive that look awfully alive for being more than 2,000 years old. What she learns both frightens and intrigues her; however, fear wins out in the end, and Gabriella flees to the comfort of her office.

Gabriella tries to gather her wits for the impending storm of her newest revelation—the bodies are regenerating. Her peace is short-lived when a shadowlike creature destroys her office and warns her about “waking the angels.” Confused and terrified, Gabriella tries to question the dark creature, but she is only told that they should be “buried back in the earth where they belong.” Surprisingly, she finds solace in those three beings locked in the lab—those same beings that the dark creature warned her about.

Unfortunately, the dark creature is only the beginning of Gabriella’s problems. FBI agents swarm the lab to seize the bodies and deliver them to a paranormal investigations lab, where Gabriella will accompany them to continue her research. Karen, a very stunning and calming FBI agent, approaches Gabriella and soon reveals to her that she is an angel that has been tasked with guarding her. Then, when she is summoned by the Elders and her destiny to stop the Shadow of the Sun (being forever cast out of the light) is revealed, her life starts to spin wildly out of control.

Luckily, a bond between Andrew, one of the 4,000-year-old leaders of the Guardians, and Gabriella is undeniably forged, but there is no time for pleasantries, because they are on the run after an assassination attempt. Will Gabriella ever discover the truth about her past? And as romance blossoms and assassins track her, will she discover the true power of being the Illuminator and save them all? Find out in the startling conclusion of Kreitzer’s masterful and riveting Shadow of the Sun.

About the Author

Kreitzer currently lives in Kentucky with her fiancé and their two dogs and cat. She works full-time at Western Kentucky University. In 2008, she traveled to Southwest University China to establish one of the first dye trace laboratories under the China Environmental Health Project. She has been involved in hundreds of water tracing investigations, and she has published several confidential reports under the Crawford Hydrology Laboratory. Though Kreitzer is passionate about her environmental work, her favorite hobby is writing, which has blossomed into her debut novel, Shadow of the Sun. She is currently writing the sequel titled Soul Stalker. Interested readers and media professionals can visit www.laurakreitzer.com for additional information.

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