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Friday, June 4, 2010

Soul Stalker Update

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to update you-all on book two. Soul Stalker is coming around quickly. I hit 49,000 words tonight, which is roughly 44% done according to my goal. To celebrate such a successful writing evening, here’s a quote from the book:

The Soul Stalker stalked toward me like a leopard through tall grass and I was the frightened, injured gazelle waiting to be eaten. That was what it came down to: she was the hunter and I was her food. I rose to my feet with a stupendous effort and swayed as I held my side with one hand. My other hand clutched onto the closest tree as if it held the answers to my predicament. My body wept as hot blood leaked through my fingers and splattered across the ground in teardrops. I glared through the ghostly cloud of steam that rose from the warm liquid and right into the Soul Stalker’s smirking face.

I hope to have this finished by mid May and out in stores by late June. I’ll keep everyone updated.


Check it out on my website: http://laurakreitzer.com/archives/309

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